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Returns true if self and other_string are equal after Unicode case folding, otherwise false:
'foo'.casecmp?('foo') # => true
'foo'.casecmp?('food') # => false
'food'.casecmp?('foo') # => false
'FOO'.casecmp?('foo') # => true
'foo'.casecmp?('FOO') # => true
Returns nil if the two values are incomparable:
'foo'.casecmp?(1) # => nil
Related: String#casecmp.
               static VALUE
rb_str_casecmp_p(VALUE str1, VALUE str2)
    VALUE s = rb_check_string_type(str2);
    if (NIL_P(s)) {
        return Qnil;
    return str_casecmp_p(str1, s);

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