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Removes and returns trailing elements.
When no argument is given and self is not empty, removes and returns the last element:
a = [:foo, 'bar', 2]
a.pop # => 2
a # => [:foo, "bar"]
Returns nil if the array is empty.
When a non-negative Integer argument n is given and is in range, removes and returns the last n elements in a new Array:
a = [:foo, 'bar', 2]
a.pop(2) # => ["bar", 2]
If n is positive and out of range, removes and returns all elements:
a = [:foo, 'bar', 2]
a.pop(50) # => [:foo, "bar", 2]
Related: push, shift, unshift.
               static VALUE
rb_ary_pop_m(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE ary)
    VALUE result;

    if (argc == 0) {
        return rb_ary_pop(ary);

    result = ary_take_first_or_last(argc, argv, ary, ARY_TAKE_LAST);
    ARY_INCREASE_LEN(ary, -RARRAY_LEN(result));
    return result;

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