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A essential requirement for software developers to be able to work efficiently and "get into the zone" is quick and convenient access to documentation. I always felt Ruby and Ruby projects (and specifically Rails) were lacking in that regard. While many projects are very well documented, the visualization and access to those docs are often less than ideal.

By far the best option I found are docs based on the sdoc format. They are clearly arranged, searchable, and very responsive. On top of that, the docs for multiple projects can be combined, so that one can for example search the Ruby and Rails docs simultaneously - a huge advantage when a framework and a language are so intertwined.

The problem is that developers often work on multiple projects simultaneously, and each one may be using a different Ruby and a different Rails version. Combined docs with those exact versions are a huge advantage in that case - which is exactly what Ruby Docs lets you generate.

A big thank-you to Rob Cameron, who developed the first version of this site!

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Ruby Based Concepts

Ruby is an object oriented language, but before we jump over this section because you think you know what is an object oriented language because you've learned, at one point, some C++ or any other similar language, please set back and read at least the next phrase: in Ruby, anything is an object. Anything. Even the results of some random operation performed upon the respect objects are also objects. This approach is different to C++ or Java, where we can see primitive types of data or instructions that return a value.

If you've never programmed in an object oriented language, this is a completely new story. In general, when you code in Ruby or a similar OOP, the idea is to create models that help you implement your application. For example, if you would create an recipe app, you'd probably want to create a list of recipes. Furthermore, if you didn't work with objects, you should use a series of lists or vectors, so there you can retain the different types of recipes and follow each position in a list.

OOP simplifies this task, allowing creation of new classes and objects used afterwards to model the necessary components. Using our example, you could create a class Recipe with properties like name, author and an ingredients' vector. The purpose of a class is to model something within your app. Classes build prototypes for your objects and allow them to develop actions. Using or example, we could create objects or instances of the Recipe class, one for each separate virtual recipe. Every object will keep information, execute actions corresponding to the respective recipe - like adding new elements in the ingredients's list - and will activate a series of constraints that could be applied on any other random recipe - like allowing only numerical values for express quantities and make sure every recipe has ingredients, a minimum numer or an exact numer and so on.

Types of data in Ruby

Although Ruby could represent any object, it doesn't mean that everything is generic, without specific functionalities. It doesn't even mean that we don't have any pre-built-in classes. Ruby gives us a numer of predefined classes, used to build all the components of an app. These types differ to the ones we see in another languages, because they are all generated from the same universal class: the Object Class.

This hyerarchy shows us that there is a single type of "base" and not a random number of primitive types as we can see in other languages, like C or Java. We should analyze those types and their advantages offered to programmers.

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